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The Tibet of Kham

Kham is located in eastern Tibet, right in provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Qinghai.  

The nature there is vast and wild. There are rare animals, such as the snow leopard, the Tibetan antelope, the Tibetan fox and the Tibetan wild donkey...  

The traditional Tibetan way of life is preserved there thanks to ancestral monasteries, thanks to families of artisans, thanks to nomads, and perhaps thanks to the mystical mountains and sacred rivers?

Visual Immersion

100% natural Tibet - Yushu (Qinghai)

The Yushu is located in the heart of the Tibetan plateau. The climate there is harsh. You can see an extraordinary fauna (wild yak, Tibetan wild donkey, Tibetan fox and snow leopard...) and some nomads crossing these immense spaces.

Your choice: treks, wildlife observation with a local expert, immersion in a nomadic environment...

Mystical Tibet (Sichuan)

Kham is known for its high sacred places, which attracts Buddhist pilgrims. These places are often located in remote and beautiful areas (mountains, forests, flowering meadows, lakes), and visiting them allows a real immersion in Tibetan nature and culture. The Kham is the perfect place for trekking.

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