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Where to find the perfect coffee/wifi combo in Lhasa

All good hotels offer you a wifi connection. But not all restaurants do. And it's almost impossible to get a wifi connection without passwords on the street.

A solution? The good old cafes.

Lhasa is a city well used to foreigners. Western food and drinks have therefore gradually spread here. Coffee is no exception.

The cafes are usually populated by trendy - and especially wealthy - Tibetans. Indeed, coffee is expensive. The prices are equivalent to western coffee shops. One pays 4 to 5 euros for a latte for example (30 to 40 RMB).

Some Tibetans have seized the opportunity and opened absolutely charming cafés, which offer quality coffee in a very Tibetan environment! And of course with the wifi connection you may need.

We've put together a small selection of cafés run by Tibetans.

1. Samaya Café

Our favorite is the Samaya café. It is just outside the Barkhor. We enter, we order and we go up to settle down on the floor. The floor is divided into some rooms, all decorated simply but with beautiful furniture of Tibetan style.

Photo © Salt butter tea

2. Java Cafe

There are several Java Cafés in Lhasa, including one right next to the Sera Monastery. In addition to coffee of course, they offer a selection of cakes and western dishes that are quite good.

3. Accordion

In a more bling bling style, but which can have its charm, the Accordion café/restaurant. It is located right next to the Jokhang, on the shopping street that joins the Beijing Avenue. The establishment is decorated in a rather mixed style, between Tibetan and Western elements.

The coffee is delicious and above all, they serve a kind of original pastry made with tsampa (roasted barley flour, the Tibetan food base).

Photo © Accordion

4. Mount cafe

This café is located on the "New Market" level, just above the Ice Chili restaurant. It is bright and airy, with large wooden tables. In fact, this café is totally western style. It is very popular with Tibetans (who can afford to go there).

However, at the end of the café, there is a reading room for children, something to keep the toddlers busy... and this reading room is full of children's books in Tibetan! These books are all from Nor Nor, a Tibetan children's bookstore. A very nice initiative.

And the coffee is good. For those who like iced drinks (frappocchino and others), this is the best place!

This list is of course not exhaustive, but it is a good start!

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