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Where and how to buy Tibetan style clothes in Lhasa during a trip to Tibet?

Photo © Salt butter tea

The most famous Tibetan clothing is of course the "chuba", the traditional Tibetan costume. If you want to know more about chubas, and even how to buy them in Lhasa, we have a dedicated article on the subject.

But if you would like to know more about the "other" types of Tibetan clothing, you are at the right place.

There are many other types of Tibetan clothing. In particular, the Tibetan style coat and shirt, which button on one side like the dresses of the Tibetan women of Lhasa.

But that's not all. Some very talented Tibetan designers have taken these traditional shapes and integrated them into modern clothes. Some designers do in the sober and traditional, and others do rather in the ultra-modern street-wear.

You will find a good number of them in Lhasa.

1. The most affordable and authentic

You can find Tibetan style shirts or coats in the stores located on the kora around the Jokhang, but also in the adjacent streets.

Prices start at 50 RMB per shirt and can go up to 100 RMB.

Photo © Salt butter tea

2. Tibetan designers

There are a number of designers who mix classical Tibetan forms (especially the button closure on the right side) with Western forms.

Among the best known, you will find in Lhasa "Rewa" and "Milam". The Milam store is probably the easiest to find. The prices are reasonable. We start at about 250 RMB for a shirt.

Photos of Milam brand © Salt butter tea

3. Tibetan street-wear

There are many Tibetan designers who create Western clothing lines with Tibetan-inspired designs or messages in Tibetan.

One of the best known designers today is the talented Needron, a Tibetan woman who studied in the United States. Trained as a photographer, she created the photography studio "Nerhi", whose logo is a very recognizable yeti. She also launched a clothing store, which offers clothes and accessories with her iconic yeti. There are also re-mastered traditional clothes.

The store is located right next to the Barkhor, in the small Danjielin Road, at the level of the Shambala hotel.

The prices are quite high, with clothes starting at 500 RMB.

Needron has several hats. In addition to being a photographer and designer, she worked with Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy for the Everest Awareness project. She was the curator of the exhibition at the Mountain Museum presenting artworks created from waste collected during Clean Everest operations.

You will be able to see some very nice videos on their Instagram. And check out their website.

Photos © Nerhi

4. Norlha

Norlha is a category in itself. It is probably the most famous Tibetan brand today.

Norlha specializes in yak wool, employs mainly nomads, and sells its products to big names in Paris.

Its workshops are located in the Amdo region, but there is a store in Lhasa.

They mainly produce yak wool scarves, but also hats, gloves, jackets, long cardigans and coats. All in a very refined style.

Prices start from 1 000 RMB for a scarf (check out their website).

Their Instagram account is regularly updated with quality publications.

Screenshot of Norlha website


All of these brands have been created by Tibetans. Global Nomad Tibet does not receive any commission for the promotion of these creators and mentions them to promote Tibetan culture and entrepreneurship.

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