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COVID-19 as of 05/18/2022:

- Regarding tourist visas, to quote the French Embassy in China: "China has stopped issuing tourist visas since March 23, 2020. This situation has persisted until now without the Chinese authorities having given any perspective as to on the date on which tourist visas can again be issued. Under these conditions, it is not possible today to travel to China". However, we can try to organize a trip for 2023.

- For foreigners residing in China, inter-province travel is authorized to Tibet. If you are in this case, do not hesitate to contact us.

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We help you design your travel project for free. Then, we put you in contact with the travel agency that seems to us the most suitable for your project. It will be a responsible Tibetan agency in which we have 100% confidence, respectful of Tibetan culture and organising meetings with locals. This agency will create with you a detailed travel itinerary (day by day) and will send you a quotation. If you have already spotted a partner in our list of partners that interests you in particular, please let us know!

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