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The Tibet of Amdo

Amdo is located in the northeast part of Tibet, spread between the provinces of Qinghai, Gansu and Sichuan. All you need is a Chinese visa to enter.

The Amdo landscape never ceases to impress with its variety: large steppes, canyons, red earth... And with its rich culture (monasteries, thangka painters, entrepreneurs...).

And above all, enjoy a full  immersion  in the daily life of Tibetans, in farming villages or in nomadic camps, and talk with all kinds of locals (monks, nuns, students, entrepreneurs)... 

Visual Immersion

And to go further...

Must-see in Amdo

It is difficult to summarize Amdo in a few lines. This region is so rich that it is possible to create an itinerary according to your preferences (nature, immersion in Tibetan culture, pilgrimage).

But here are some must-see to include in your trip either way.

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