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The genesis of Global Nomad Tibet

Global Nomad Tibet

Global Nomad Tibet is a social enterprise that aims to support local communities and promote Tibetan culture through responsible tourism .

Our history
1. Origines.jpeg

Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy is at the origin of Global Nomad Tibet.  Marion arrived in Tibet in 2002. She set up educational projects with nomads in Changtang, western Tibet. She also became a trekking guide starting from 2003.

In 2008, all foreigners were asked to leave. This situation gives Marion the idea to create Global Nomad Tibet, a Chinese business company aimed at supporting Tibetan social entrepreneurs.

Marion is allowed to return to Tibet. She brings together a French-Tibetan team and creates a network with local and international actors.

  • Global Nomad Tibet starts accompanying Tibetan entrepreneurs by helping social projects to become profitable, and profitable projects to become social. Guides, guest houses, educational projects...


  • In the tourism area, Global Nomad Tibet establishes a bridge between Tibetans and international tour operators who respect Tibetan values. Global Nomad Tibet  creates a label for responsible tourism in Tibet.

Our activities

Global Nomad Tibet is specialised in the field of Tibetan social entrepreneurship, and in particular responsible tourism in Tibet. Global Nomad Tibet offers Tibetan travel agencies:​

Training for Tibetan guides

in English, French, interculturality, responsible tourism and communication

The direct promotion of Tibetan agencies

to the general public

Facilitation services

between Tibetan agencies and international tour operators 

Responsible tourism is a way of traveling that respects people, local development and the environment.   

Preserving Tibetan culture and meeting Tibetans

Whatever type of trip you choose, the Tibetan partner agencies respect the local culture and ensure that it is presented in an authentic way. Emphasis is placed on meeting the locals (meals and/or accommodation with locals, discovery of a typical day in a nomadic or farming family, visit of craftsmen's workshops, meetings with teachers, students or entrepreneurs…)

Local development  

Global Nomad Tibet works exclusively with Tibetan travel agencies, which are 100% Tibetan owned. These Tibetan agencies maximize the participation of the local population (Tibetan guides, drivers, members of trekking teams, hotels, restaurants, etc.)

Nature conservation  

Partner travel agencies encourage travellers to adopt environmentally friendly behaviour: buy local products, avoid using too many plastic bags, fill a bottle of water rather than using many plastic bottles each day.

The team

Marion is the founder and CEO of Global Nomad Tibet. She is a guide in Tibet and in other regions of the Himalayas (India, Nepal, Bhutan). She is also a mountain guide and has reached the summit of Everest 3 times. Marion is involved in supporting projects aimed at restoring the Tibetan ecosystem.

Detchen is French-Tibetan. She was born in France, grew up and studied there. She lived 2 years in Lhasa as a student at Tibet University. She wishes above all to participate in the development of links between the West and the Tibetans, and to promote Tibetan culture. She has been working for Global Nomad since early 2022, as a Tourism Officer. 

Catherine has graduated in international business management and is fluent in Mandarin. She was in charge of the tourism sector of Global Nomad Tibet until the end of 2021 and provided numerous training courses in interculturality and French for the benefit of Tibetan guides. Today she is back in France and has become a teacher of French as a foreign language. She keeps strong ties with Global Nomad Tibet and trains Detchen. 


The land of Tibet moves me physically,

the intense brightness is not just outside brightness,

it reaches the depths of my being.

 Discover the life story of Marion Chaygneaud-Dupuy in her book

RESPIRE, TU ES VIVANTE, De Lhassa à l'Everest, une aventure écologique et spirituelle

Our Tibetan partners

Our partners all have a long experience. We chose them for their sense of service and their knowledge about Tibet, but also for their constant good mood and unfailing kindness !

Tell them you discovered them through us, and your first meal in Tibet will be offered  🥳


Penpa comes from a nomadic family in central Tibet. He has solid experience as a guide, with both English and French speaking groups. His mastery of French and his understanding of the expectations of European travelers is impressive. 


Languages spoken: Tibetan, Mandarin, English and French 


Tibet central

Jimpa is from a village in Amdo. He studied Buddhism. He started working as a guide in 2004 and then created his own agency. 


Thanks to its vast network, Jimpa organizes authentic meetings with local Tibetans (monks, nuns, entrepreneurs and Tibetan families). which do not fail to mark the spirits.

Languages spoken: Tibetan, Mandarin, English and French


Adha Dzongsar.jpg
Tibet de l'Amdo
Gesar Tour Tsebtrim.jpg


Tsebtrim is from Yushu, in the heart of the Tibetan Plateau, where the snow leopard hides. His purpose is to help people discover this remote region and to share with them his knowledge about the Tibetan fauna and flora .


He has also set up a Tibetan-style guesthouse in his home, which he runs with his wife.


Languages spoken: Tibetan, Mandarin, English and French.

Tibet du Kham
Initiatives associated with Global Nomad Tibet
LOGO clean everest_preview_rev_1.png

To solve the problem of pollution on Everest, Marion created the Clean Everest project with an agency affiliated with the School of Mountain Guides in Lhasa. Together they brought down 10 tons of waste and created a waste management system.

Marion received the 2019 "Terre des femmes" award.
See the video made for the Terre des femmes award:

Marion is part of the Mountain synergies association.

Mountain synergies aims to help public and private actors around the world to create 100% responsible high mountain expeditions.

To know more :

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