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For more than 15 years, Global Nomad Tibet has been traveling around Tibetan regions and offers you an authentic experience of Tibet. Meeting Tibetans, discovering Tibetan culture and exploring immense Tibetan nature...

Global Nomad Tibet is a social enterprise which brings together local tourism actors who are passionate about their culture and committed to creating a positive impact on their community.

Global Nomad Tibet helps you design your travel plan and puts you in touch with the Tibetan travel agency that suits you.

Discover the 3 regions of Tibet


Central Tibet

Lhasa (Potala, Jokhang), Samye, Namtso Lake, Everest Base Camp, Mount Kailash, and so much more...

Moine Amdo.jpg


Steppes, canyons, monasteries, festivals, meetings, small farming villages, nomadic camps ...



Nature reserves, ancestral mountains, mythical monasteries, treks, source of the Mekong...


The geography of the country is a call to contemplative retreat.

The mountains are a refuge for hermits, the caves overlook the valleys, open onto the immensity of the plateaus, the gaze is lost in infinity.

The spacious nature of the sky is the object on which the mind rests until it becomes one with it .


What it means to go to Tibet with Global Nomad Tibet network


Support local Tibetan communities

Meet Tibetans who are passionate about their culture

Create a trip customized to your needs and desires

Develop ecological mindfulness in tourism

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