How to Apply for your Chinese Visa and Permit to Tibet?


You can either apply yourself to your local Chinese consulate or request an agency specialised in visa processing do it for you. According to your country and location we may advise that you use one of these certified visa agencies.

If required by the Chinese consulate, we can provide you with an invitation letter, including your itinerary and accommodation list.


For all our organised travels to the ‘Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR)’ we will prepare you with the necessary travel permits, provided that you give us all necessary documents at least 17 days before your arrival date. It is a legal requirement to provide us with –

  • A good quality scan of your passport (page with your photo)
  • A good quality scan of your visa to China
  • Full payment for your travel

It is not allowed to send the travel permit abroad, so we will deliver it to you direct in the city from which you will fly to Lhasa (Beijing, Chengdu, etc). You will need the original permit during your plane flight into Lhasa.

Once you arrive in Lhasa, your guide will be in charge of the permit from there on, and you will not need to worry about it.

Permits are usually not granted during the months of February and March.

If you take the train a copy of the permit is sufficient.

If you enter from Nepal the procedure is different.

Entrance from Nepal

If you enter the Tibet Autonomous Region from Nepal, the visa application will be processed in Kathmandu (you will not be allowed to enter Tibet from Nepal with a Chinese visa processed in another country). Only group visas are delivered, which means that the group has to enter together to China. Usually it takes a minimum of 24-48 hours (excluding weekends) to obtain the Chinese tourist visa.

The following information are given on a indicative basis and may change anytime.