Responsible Travel

Our Commitment to Responsible Travel

Responsible travel takes into consideration all direct or indirect stakeholders of a trip and makes sure it does not bring about any negative impact.

To make sure the trips we promote maximize positive impacts on local communities we have created the ‘GN Label’ certification and we assess each trip according to the GN Label specifications. Important criteria from our specifications are the maximization of economic impact for local communities and the respect for their natural environment and cultural heritage.

Our Philosophy of Traveling

For Global Nomad, traveling can be a wonderful learning experience thanks to the discovery of a different environment and culture, and to meeting with people from different backgrounds. A trip should therefore be an opportunity to discover the local culture, not just what is found in museums, the culture that gives sense and illuminate the daily life of local communities visited. All the trips we promote are designed to allow this discovery of Tibetan culture in a way that is as authentic as possible, with the guidance of a Tibetan guides.

How you can contribute in making your trip responsible?

Like any stakeholder – adopt a sense of responsibility, be nice and polite with people during the trip and if you promise to do something, do it! Make efforts to improve your awareness and behavior concerning the environment: buy local products, avoid using too many plastic bags and refill your bottle rather than buying plastic bottles every day. Ask your guide and educate yourself about local etiquette and customs in relation to his/her culture. Don’t do anything that is considered as inappropriate, even if considered okay according to your own culture.

For further in-depth information please refer to our ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ page.