Who We Are

Global Nomad is a consulting company for responsible businesses in the Tibetan regions of China. In the field of tourism, we provide services to responsible Tibetan-owned travel agencies and help them develop their activities and bring about positive impacts to their communities. We work together to design travels that include ‘off the beaten track’ visits and exciting activities based on their local network. We help them adapt to westerners expectation and certify their travels. If they can’t meet our GN Label requirements, we offer training to help them reach these standards. Once their trip is certified, we help promote them and facilitate communication with their guests before their arrival into Tibet.

GLOBAL NOMAD, is also …


We provide multiple business services, consultations, certifications and access to networks for responsible companies across the Tibetan areas in China. Our overall aim is to develop your business potential and bring about positive impacts to your communities.

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We help in creating connections and partnerships between companies working on the Tibetan plateau to increase their business potential. We provide direct links to employees, experts, suppliers, distributors and much more.

Arts & Handicrafts

Our work also extends out to Tibetan artists, artisans and craftsmen and aims to bring a re-valuing and support of these precious skills and expertise. We adapt traditional designs, promote and distribute local products across a broader international market.