Global Nomad Label

Global Nomad Label

To ensure the travels that we  promote are responsible and have a positive impacts on Tibetan regions, we have created the Global Nomad Label inspired by fair trade principles and environmental protections adapted to the tourism sector. Locally owned Tibetan-travel agencies who organise GN Certified trips, as well as guides who manage the trips hold a commitment and respect of Global Nomad’s specifications which highlight protections in the realms of economy, culture and environment. Global Nomad trains when necessary, their local partners, Tibetan-owned travel agencies and Tibetans guides in respect to these norms and checks where possible their application.

By respecting Global Nomad specifications the GN Label certified trips make possible:

Sustainable Economic Development of Tibetan Areas

  • Tibetans are involved through all the steps of the organisation of our trips (management of travel agencies and employees, guides, drivers, trekking team members, etc.).
  • For the same level of quality, local providers in the hospitality industry (accommodation, restaurants, etc.) are always given in priority.
  • Whenever clients wish visits of Tibetan workshops can be organised.

Respect and Promotion of Tibetan Culture

  • Trips are designed to respect the local cultural context.
  • GN Label certified travels include, besides visits of famous historical sites, ‘off the beaten track’ places and encounters with people which make possible a more authentic discovery of the Tibetan people and culture.
  • Clients are informed about how to behave in respectful ways in relation to traditional and contemporary Tibetan culture. They also help support their clients in understanding how to behave with local people.
  • When visiting a monastery or temple with no entrance fee, an offering will be made by the guide to benefit the monastic community who is caring for the site.

Reduction of the Negative Impacts on the Environment

  • The Tibetan environment is extremely fragile due to its unique climate and altitude. If we are not vigilant, tourism can lead to an unfortunate deterioration. The GN Label’s Specifications and the GN Code of Conduct for Travellers, give some simple solutions and rules which will enable the reduction of the negative impacts on the environment during our trips, and more specifically during our treks throughout Tibet.


To find out more, please download:
Specifications for travel agencies 2012
Specifications for guides